Public Ostle Genealogy

Public Ostle Genealogy
This family tree was last updated on 4 February 2012.
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Earliest birth year1605George Ostle
Birth about 1605 -
Death June 1672 (Age 67) - Newtown
Latest birth year1925Percy Nicholas Ostle
Birth 22 May 1925 46 -
Earliest death year1666George Ostle
Birth 1665 25 22 - Newtown
Death November 1666 (Age 22 months) - Newtown
Latest death year2000 John Henry Ostle
Birth 27 November 1918 39 - Helena, Montana, USA
Death 5 May 2000 (Age 81) - Helena, Montana, USA
Individual who lived the longest115Jonathan Ostle
Birth 1768 28 36 - Dearham
Death August 1883 (Age 115) - Dearham
Average age at death51Males: 50   Females: 53
Family with the most children15Wilson Ostle + Sarah Jane Routledge
Marriage 1883 - Cockermouth Register Office
Average number of children per family2.58 
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Most common surnames

Thomas Ostle
Birth: 1874 45 38New Cowper
Death: 2 June 1953The Outgang, Aspatria
John Ostle
Birth: 21 November 1828 34 42Newtown
Death: 7 May 1890New Cowper
George Ostle
Birth: about 1605
Death: June 1672Newtown
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On this day
George William ThompsonThompson,George William29 June 18500167167Birth
Joseph OstleOstle,Joseph29 June 18241193193Baptism
Esther SaulSaul,Esther29 June 18042213213Death
William Gray + Hannah OstleGray,William + Ostle,Hannah29 June 18403177177Marriage
Upcoming events
Richard OstleOstle,Richard30 June 18630154154Birth
Jane OstleOstle,Jane30 June 18451172172Birth
Joseph OstleOstle,Joseph30 June 18242193193Burial
Joseph OstleOstle,Joseph30 June 18073210210Birth
Sarah OstleOstle,SarahJuly 18774140140Death
William Aaron OstleOstle,William AaronJuly 18675150150Birth
Joseph OstleOstle,JosephJuly 18626155155Death
Wilson OstleOstle,WilsonJuly 18617156156Death
Dinah DonaldDonald,DinahJuly 18378180180Death
Henry OstleOstle,HenryJuly 18179200200Death
Joseph OstleOstle,JosephJuly 181410203203Birth
Joseph OstleOstle,JosephJuly 181211205205Baptism
Another OstellOstell,AnotherJuly 179412223223Death
JaneJane,@P.N.July 174713270270Death
Thomas StordyStordy,ThomasJuly 171414303303Death
Thomas OstleOstle,ThomasJuly 170615311311Birth
Esther SaulSaul,Esther1 July 180416213213Burial
Wilson OstleOstle,Wilson3 July 1934178383Death
John OstleOstle,John4 July 1927189090Death
Rebecca OstleOstle,Rebecca4 July 184719170170Baptism
Jane OstleOstle,Jane4 July 182420193193Birth
Ann OstleOstle,Ann4 July 181921198198Baptism
Hannah OstleOstle,Hannah5 July 185622161161Birth
Jonathan OstleOstle,Jonathan5 July 185123166166Baptism
Mary StordyStordy,Mary5 July 167024347347Birth
Mary StordyStordy,Mary5 July 167025347347Birth
John OstleOstle,John6 July 177726240240Death
Joseph Ostle + Hannah LawsonOstle,Joseph + Lawson,Hannah6 July 181127206206Marriage