Public Ostle Genealogy

Catherine Donaldson OstleAge: 519151920

Catherine Donaldson Ostle
Birth about 1915 45 35
South Moor, Co. Durham

Birth of a brotherJoseph Hewitson Ostle
9 July 1918 (Age 3)
South Moor, Co. Durham

Death of a brotherJoseph Hewitson Ostle
March 1919 (Age 4)
South Moor, Co. Durham

Burial of a brotherJoseph Hewitson Ostle
8 March 1919 (Age 4)
St Georges, South Moor

Birth of a brotherEric Ostle
5 March 1920 (Age 5)
Quaking Houses, Durham

Death about 1920 (Age 5)
South Moor, Co. Durham

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William Ostle
Birth: 31 March 1869 31 31Cockermouth
Death: 12 January 1956Park Road, South Moor, Co. Durham
Ann Robson
Birth: 27 September 1879Castle Gate, Jedburgh
Death: 26 August 1966Park Road, South Moor, Co. Durham
Marriage: 1902Maryhill, Glasgow
9 months
elder brother
James Robson Ostle
Birth: 7 October 1902 33 23South Moor, Co. Durham
Death: 9 November 1959Chambers Garage, High St., Selsey
13 months
elder brother
William Ostle
Birth: 3 November 1903 34 24Quaking Houses, Durham
Death: 17 April 1950Bishop Aukland
2 years
elder sister
Jane (Jean) Shepherd Ostle
Birth: 26 January 1906 36 26Quaking Houses, Durham
Death: 28 June 1983Long Lawford or Rugby
23 months
elder brother
John Robert Hamilton Ostle
Birth: 17 December 1907 38 28South Moor, Co. Durham
Death: 9 June 1959Shotley Bridge
5 years
elder sister
Sarah (Sadie) Annie Ostle
Birth: 4 June 1912 43 32South Moor, Co. Durham
Death: 4 May 1989South Moor, Co. Durham
4 years
Catherine Donaldson Ostle
Birth: about 1915 45 35South Moor, Co. Durham
Death: about 1920South Moor, Co. Durham
4 years
younger brother
Joseph Hewitson Ostle
Birth: 9 July 1918 49 38South Moor, Co. Durham
Death: March 1919South Moor, Co. Durham
20 months
younger brother
Eric Ostle
Birth: 5 March 1920 50 40Quaking Houses, Durham
Death: 1962Shotley Bridge
14 months
younger brother
Thomas Ostle
Birth: 12 May 1921 52 41Quaking Houses, Durham
Death: 4 January 1951Korea

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