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Douglas Wellesley Ostle1894

Douglas Wellesley Ostle
Birth about 1894 49 45
City of London

Source: 1901 Census
Death of a brotherWilliam Scott Ostle
June 1903 (Age 9)
Northern Nigeria

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William Ostle
Birth: 1845 31 31Maryport
Jane Lewis Unknown
Birth: about 1849Swansea, Wales
Marriage: about 1877
2 years
elder sister
Jane Margaret Ostle
Birth: about 1878 33 29Shrewsbury
2 years
elder brother
William Scott Ostle
Birth: about 1879 34 30City of London
Death: June 1903Northern Nigeria
2 years
elder sister
Mary Geraldine Ostle
Birth: about 1880 35 31City of London
3 years
elder brother
Henry Knight Easton Ostle
Birth: about 1882 37 33City of London
3 years
elder sister
Helen Muriel Ostle
Birth: about 1884 39 35City of London
11 years
Douglas Wellesley Ostle
Birth: about 1894 49 45City of London

Birth1901 Census